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Consulting Services

When you sign up with us and in addition to services that are included in your package, Screaming Health also offers special consulting services to those members who may require a more dominant presence and higher ranking on the Internet above and beyond those provided in their package.

The following price list displays these services and their fees. Using this price list, you can realize that each package we offer to you is worth a sum of 5,000 to 10,000 dollars in value. We believe our packages serve most of your needs, but we welcome the opportunity to work with you to fulfill your highly aggressive sales objectives. Please contact us at e-mail address info[at] to discuss your needs.

Note: Prices are subject to change.

Screaming Health Consulting Services
Online Advertising Services (All prices are prepaid online)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) $900
Search Engine Submission (SES) $600
Website Analytics Integration $300
Web site analysis (minimum) $400
Google AdWords setup $1,000
Yahoo Online Marketing setup $1,200
MSN Online Marketing setup $1,200
Online Advertising Monthly Budget (minimum) $150
Online Advertising Maintenance (minimum) $150
Other online advertising $150
Personalized Blog $800
Additional Services (All prices are prepaid online)
Logo Design (per logo) $500
Logo / Graphics Optimization $100
Print Design (per hour) $100
Standard Banner Design (minimum) $300
Rich Media (Flash - interactive/static, video, animation, stc.) $400
Media Upload $100
Web Form (includes processing script) $300
Custom Application Development (per hour) $150
Online Credit Card Processing Setup (via $1,000
Client Consulting (per hour) $150
Additional Support / Maintenance Services (per hour) $100