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How to Become Discovered via Online Marketing

The state of personal health and wellness around the world, and especially in the US, is going through a tremendous amount of stress due to so many pharmaceutical products! Most diseases and illnesses can be cured using natural products, but this outcome is not easy to achieve, because the public is being bombarded all-around with advertising to purchase chemical-based products in order to cure their health related problems. We all have seen TV ads for different prescription drugs. Have you ever listened to the end of these commercials when the announcer mentions a long list of side effects of the drug? In order to cure one disease, we are asked to accept several other different side that the drug induces in our body!

On the other hand, how many small business owners are trying to offer their products and services to health-conscious individuals? Naturopathic Medicine doctors (NDs), as well as alternative, integrative, and complementary healthcare professionals and businesses are trying their best to raise health awareness in their local communities. Yet the high cost of marketing and advertising does not allow then to compete with multi-national corporations.

One of the best vehicles for alternative and integrative health businesses to become visible is the Internet. If they utilize the Internet and its offerings correctly and fully, they will become discovered easily and prospects will come to them. Rich-content, high web traffic, user-generated content and community-centric web sites have created highly visible hubs to place targeted messages. By properly using Internet technologies, the above-mentioned health businesses can drive sales leads from their online presence.

Let me list some of these Internet offerings:

A well designed web site that must communicate small business owners’ products and services to their target audience. The designs must be tuned towards target audience of Naturopathic Medicine doctors, alternative, integrative, and complementary health professionals and businesses.

A well planned online marketing strategy to put their web sites on top of the leading search engine listings. Search engine algorithm is written with general ranking blocks in mind. Knowledgeable online marketers utilize intricate search engine programming blocks to apply needed information to place the web site on the highest possible position on search results.

Social-networking tools are put in place to enable like-minded business owners to share information and cooperate with their peers in their market space. Their collaborative actions and socially networked knowledge sharing will attract more peers, which in turn will place them on top of health care service providers’ lists.

Screaming Health offers a unique social-networking community to proactively bring online activities to our members’ businesses. Screaming Health provides well designed web sites with target audience in mind. We plan and execute our online marketing with highest possible return to our members.

Our Health Network (also known as the "Hub") offers each member software tools to automate their Internet activities. Our online marketing services coupled with proactive utilization of the best social networks (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) will bring health-conscious prospects to your web site.

You know how to sell your products to your qualified prospects. We know how to bring them to you online.

Date: August 3, 2009, 5:53 PM | By: David Bakhtnia