MLM Members in Personal Health Verticals Should Utilize the Internet

I was reading an article posted on Nutrition Business Journal as MLM Giant Alticor Buys Substantial Ownership in Metagenics. The article explained the market size of both companies, their products, quotes from their executives, and how Multi Level Marketing (MLM) would help selling their products even more! What the article was missing was how to help their MLM members to sell their products!

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How to Become Discovered via Online Marketing

The state of personal health and wellness around the world, and especially in the US, is going through a tremendous amount of stress due to so many pharmaceutical products! Most diseases and illnesses can be cured using natural products, but this outcome is not easy to achieve, because the public is being bombarded all-around with advertising to purchase chemical-based products in order to cure their health related problems. We all have seen TV ads for different prescription drugs. Have you ever listened to the end of these commercials when the announcer mentions a long list of side effects of the drug? In order to cure one disease, we are asked to accept several other different side that the drug induces in our body!

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Web 2.0 and Business Discovery Online

Invention of the Internet and current Web 2.0 innovations empower you to liberate your business practices from monopolistic legacy entities. By implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can now position your small business Web site on search results side-by-side to Web sites of large organizations. If your Web site exploits the best practices of SEO, your online presence will be shown on the first pages of search results; hence, you will be discovered among millions of our competitors. But, this is just half of the story to bring qualified sales leads to your Web site! Participating on online Social Networks is the other half.

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We Are Live!

About one hour ago we launched our corporate Web site. You are reading this blog, which means We are Live!

The idea of the Screaming Health Network started two years ago. This has been a journey full of confirmation and inspiration by stakeholders in the alternative health community. It takes time to develop software.

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How to Become Discoverable on the Internet

Many small business owners think just having a website is sufficient to be visible on the Internet where their products and services are sought by potential clients and buyers. This begs the question why our websites must become discoverable amongst millions of others, who may possess bundles of marketing budget and activities. A cost-effective marketing involves several parallel tracks that need to be handled simultaneously. One such powerful marketing activity is online marketing, which entails engaging in and tracking multiple online marketing channels concurrently.

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