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How to Become Discoverable on the Internet

Many small business owners think just having a website is sufficient to be visible on the Internet where their products and services are sought by potential clients and buyers. This begs the question why our websites must become discoverable amongst millions of others, who may possess bundles of marketing budget and activities. A cost-effective marketing involves several parallel tracks that need to be handled simultaneously. One such powerful marketing activity is online marketing, which entails engaging in and tracking multiple online marketing channels concurrently. In the ever-expanding Internet-based networks, inactive marketing strategy will be a disastrous business decision.

The alternative health professionals and providers are experiencing much tougher difficulties in the current economic downtime. When it comes to online marketing, they are primarily underserved and hardly discoverable! Although naturopathic heath professionals are more in demand today, they are active only in the inner circle of their clients or product networks. Their business exposure suffers mostly from lack of visibility, automation tools, and more importantly, from a lack of online community where their potential clients should be able to reach them effortlessly.

The question is in online marketing what constitutes an effective leads generation? Rich content such as video, high traffic, user-generated content and social networking on the Internet have created highly visible hubs to place targeted messages to generate qualified sales leads. Online marketing is a first-class spot for sales leads generation, as small businesses will be relying even more on a cost-effective Internet presence to market their products and services.

Screaming Health's Network is a unique social-networking platform that will uniquely position online tools and services to market alternative health professionals on the Internet. In essence, Screaming Health will bring online activities to our members’ businesses. The suite of services we offer to our members includes, but is not limited to, online marketing, community articles, reports and newsletters coupled with utilization of other online networks (such as Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube, Yelp, etc.).

Date: May 23, 2009, 6:03 PM | By: David Bakhtnia