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Becoming a Principal is a privilege. As a Principal you will help to promote the benefits of Screaming Health service with your colleagues in the integrative health arena. You will be granted a Principal account, which allows you to use our online communication software programs to spread the word about Screaming Health products and promotion programs. The Principal account is offered in addition to generous commissions you will receive as a participant in our Cash Referral Program. You can also learn more about this program in the FAQ section of our web site.

Screaming Health is pleased to grant this privilege to members who can demonstrate the following:

  1. You join Screaming Health Network and wish to promote the concept to your inner circles, colleagues and business partners.
  2. You understand and have a keen passion for our mission to empower your peers.
  3. You are motivated to dedicate a small portion of your time to promote the Screaming Health Network in order to take advantage of our straightforward and rewarding Cash Referral Porgram.

Access to our communication software is granted to Principals only and the service is above and beyond software tools you will have access to as a regular member of the Network. Please contact Screaming Health at the following e-mail address info[at] to apply for a Principal account.