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What You Get

Please review our packages as follows:

Below is an overview of products, features and services you will receive when you join the Screaming Health Network. If you are ready to join, please go to Sign Up page.

When you join the Screaming Health Network, you will receive four distinct but interconnected services as follows:

The Network

Your initial membership fee entitles you to become a member of our community (also known as the "Network" or the "Hub"). You will have access to innovative productivity tools and software that link you to the central hub of the community. Instead of competition, the Screaming Health Network cooperates and collaborates with other members to share such things as:

  • Documents and articles
  • Public events and educational opportunities
  • Scientific innovations and new findings
  • The latest products, etc.

Leads and potential clients who will visit the Network directly will be redirected to your web site.

You will also have profiles created for you and posted on the leading social-networking web sites such as Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook, Yelp and MySpace. We will embed YouTube clips and Powerpoint presentations right on your Web site.

There are millions of people trying to find your special skills, services, and products. We have created a turnkey service with the potential to effect a paradigm shift. Through working as a collaborative group, you will receive so many leads that you will need your network of colleagues to help you to serve them. This is truly tapping into "The Power of the Internet."

Your Web Site

We will help you create and set up your business Web site, then optimize it for online marketing. If you already have a Web site, we restructure it and then optimize it. The key benefit of owning your own Web site is that you will get a high ranking on the Google search engine.

Your Web site will be set up with Google Analytics to help you understand your visitors and pageviews history. Professional online marketing will be conducted on your personal Web site in order to generate leads and qualified prospects for whatever services and products you wish to promote.

The online marketing engine in our software will bring a large of qualified leads to your dedicated Web site.

Article Publishing

One of the most important aspects of any health-related Web site is to post articles and reports pertinent to your area of interest and expertise. This helps to establish you as knowledgeable with prospective leads, returning clients and/or customers. We will harvest recent articles and reports from reputed and credible sources and automatically re-publish them on your Web site. We will also publish your personal collection of articles and reports, if you have any. This powerful article publishing system will add the content to your site for search engines to select you easily based on a diverse pool of keywords mined for these articles.

Unique Look and Feel

You will choose from several hundred templates a design that best represents your business image. If you select our premium package, you will also get a Flash animation on your homepage.

Please review our packages as follows: