We Are Live!

About one hour ago we launched our corporate Web site. You are reading this blog, which means We are Live!

The idea of the Screaming Health Network started two years ago. This has been a journey full of confirmation and inspiration by stakeholders in the alternative health community. It takes time to develop software.

One encounter helped us solidify our business model. Allow me to explain. A little over two months ago I was configuring a Powerpoint presentation for a colleague who runs her practice in the alternative health community. I was to ensure that certain video clips could easily be played from within the presentation with just one click of the mouse. An easy task for a computer technologist like me, but complex for a novice. Next, she told me she owned me something. We settled on a morning breakfast in one of our local restaurants. She continued “Hooshyar, why don’t you do this for everyone else? People would gladly pay you for your service.” She was referring to her peers in the field, who are not computer savvy and they do struggle with intricacies of computer software.

Her suggestion made sense, but doing a repetitious task over and over again did not sound exciting to me, even though I could be paid for each shot. “Why don’t I automate this?” I asked myself. I could expedite the process. And why not doing it online so hundreds and thousands of like-minded people could access the same document? It suddenly darned on me as to how economical this business model would be. The crowd gets to distribute the cost of developing software among themselves, and in return I would earn a respectable income and still stay below huge fees consultants charge on a one-on-one basis. And, the rest was history, as they say.

The business model in the Screaming Health Network is to distribute the cost of doing the same thing among the members such that their financial barrier to entry is so low there is no reason why they should not join.

So far I have only touched on the business model in the Screaming Health Network. There is much more about our Network than its business model. My partner David and I invite you to browser through pages of our Web site and learn about our exciting and unique service offerings.

Having said all of the above, if you are as impatient as many of us are on the Internet, I give you a quick-and-dirty set of links to start with.

1. Sign Up. You definitely want to try this page. No obligation to purchase anything. Signup is our way to get some information about you and display the most appropriate package that we think fits your needs. You are asked to answer a short questionnaire (only 8 questions) and based on your answers you will be shown the Package we propose to you.

2. How It Works. In 3 simple steps we explain to you how our system works. It cannot be easier than this.

3. FAQ. Review through our Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) that our members and visitors to our Web site have asked. Better yet! If you have an unanswered question, go ahead and post it to our FAQ system, and we will post our answers promptly.

By: Hooshyar Naraghi | Date: May 24th, 2009 - 4:50 PM | Categories: Online Marketing, SEM, Social networking
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