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MLM Members in Personal Health Verticals Should Utilize the Internet

I was reading an article posted on Nutrition Business Journal as MLM Giant Alticor Buys Substantial Ownership in Metagenics. The article explained the market size of both companies, their products, quotes from their executives, and how Multi Level Marketing (MLM) would help selling their products even more! What the article was missing was how to help their MLM members to sell their products!

Back in mid 80s I was a member of AMWAY. I remember the best help I received from my supervisor (up-link) was how to add more down-link members by approaching my circle of influence (family members, friends, colleagues, etc.). That program did not empower me with a marketing plan on how to reach out to public! Isn’t it true that the largest market space is the public? If so, “how to offer your products to public cost effectively” ought to be the primary focus of to any successful entrepreneur. Well, today, in 2009, the answer to this fundamental question is twofold:

  • Leverage the Internet as the medium of communication
  • Apply social media marketing as the platform

I wish I could utilize these over two decades ago! The fact is the Internet has created the best opportunity for every person to share and sell products and services they have found to be helpful. If this open and free medium is utilized effectively, it can be the most cost effective tool in the hands of any business owner; small or large. Getting your fingers dirty in the social networks is equally important. In order to be noticed — to become discoverable — you should join social networks online.

I keep being asked how small-business members of MLM verticals within the Alternative and Integrative health sector can have their products and services become discovered on the Internet and generate sales leads from their web sites?

Screaming Health provides the most cost-effective system to all alternative, integrative, complementary, and Naturopathic Medicine practitioners and services providers. We will help you to establish an active and prosperous online presence, become fully discovered among millions of other web sites, and drive sales leads through your web site.

We even put you in an effective social network to communicate with your customers, peers and leads. You can find/post answers to most pressing questions, collaborate in your domain expertise with your clients, and create your own online hub to drive more viewers and generate sales leads.

After all, it is up to you to take care of your business. It needs to grow regularly and you must generate revenue, while you help the public to improve their personal health.

Please Contact us at info[@]screaminghealth.com and let us show you how we can do it for you. We elevate your business. We can help.

By: David Bakhtnia | Date: August 13th, 2009 - 10:13 AM | Categories: Heeealth Network, Social networking
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